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Adam Conover is the creator and host of Adam Ruins Everything.

As Adam Conover

Adam Conover is the main protagonist of Adam Ruins Everything, serving as the guide for the audience and the secondary character of the episode.

Adam Conover joined CollegeHumor in 2012 as a staff writer and cast member of CollegeHumor Originals. In addition to writing CollegeHumor Originals such as “Mitt Romney Style,” he has appeared in videos for the site’s Hardly Working series. Prior to joining CollegeHumor, he was an instructor and performer at The Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre in NYC. Conover is a standup comedian who performs nightly around Los Angeles, and hosts his weekly comedy show, Fresh Out, at UCB Sunset.  He graduated from Bard University with a degree in philosophy and currently lives Los Angeles.[1]



  • The Exquisite Corpse Project (April 24th, 2013)