Adam Ruins Sitcoms is the second episode of the Season 3 of Adam Ruins Everything.


Adam ruins a brand new sitcom by questioning its old stereotypes that African Americans are great at basketball but can't swim, that Asians are great students, and that toxic masculinity isn’t healthy for a man as the head of the household.





Guest Cast

  • Joel Ambo as Kenji
  • Clint Carmichael as Rick
  • Stephanie Maura Sanchez as Carmen
  • Stuart McLean as Uncle Sergei
  • Mark Daugherty as Computer
  • Maestro Harrell as Tre
  • Ross Partridge as Bill Suit
  • Gregory Burke as White Man
  • ISeri DeYoung as Denise
  • David Futernic as Schectman
  • Jerah Milligan as Jerah
  • Gregory Sims as Cigarette Cowboy
  • Kevin Will as Porkchop
  • Time Winters as Rick's Doctor
  • tba as director 


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