Adam Ruins Animals is the seventeenth episode of the Season 1 of Adam Ruins Everything.


Pure breeding is a form of genetic manipulation humans made up just to amuse ourselves.





  • George Barber Feral Actor Cat - Slippers
  • Jocelyn DeBoer as Dog Owner
  • Sonya Eddy as Pet Store Owner
  • Greg Hess as Artisan Duke
  • Janet Hoskins as Volunteer
  • Brian Konowal as Post Apocalyptic Homeowner
  • Andrew Law as Mittens
  • Adam Lustick as Eisenhower
  • Grant O'Brien as Swedish Tourist
  • Veronica Osorio as Veronica
  • Jeris Poindexter as Homeless Man
  • Alison Rich as Mr. Bitey
  • Leonard Robinson as Priest
  • Toni Smith as VO - Clerk
  • Marian Tareq as Prosecutor
  • Siobhan Thompson as VO - Rhino
  • Mike Trapp as Dog Show Judge
  • Damian Washington as VO - Villager
  • Evan Watkins as Poacher and Lion #1


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