Adam Ruins Cars is the third episode of Season One of Adam Ruins Everything and the third episode overall. It originally aired on October 13, 2015.


The episode starts with the camera panning around a car dealership. The camera then lands on Zach and his father haggling with a car salesman. After saying "Oh Mr. Cordova, I would love to, but my manager, he would eat my feet. But you know what, I like you guys, so let me, go talk to him", the car dealer goes up to his manager's office and the audience hears a "violent argument" going on. We cut to his office and we see it's just a recording being played. The show goes back to the teen and father and see Zach trying to calm his father while his father is stressing out about how much he hates car dealerships. That's when Adam pops out from the trunk of a car and agree's with Mr. Cordova and adds that he'll hate them more after he reveals the truth about them. Zach questions him and asks if he's another car salesman since he's dressed like one. Adam becomes offended and suddenly introduces himself and cuts to the intro. [1]




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In this episode, Adam's victims are:

  • Zach (Teen)
  • Mr. Cordova (Zach's Father)
  • Car Salesman


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