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Adam Ruins Christmas is the twenty-fifth episode of Season 1 of Adam Ruins Everything.


In this episode, Adam talks about Christmas's un-Christian origins, why gift giving makes no economic sense, and the true story of Santa Claus.





Guest Cast

  • Adwin Brown as Mark
  • Sasha A. Ali as Sasha
  • Greg Butler as Krampus
  • Mimi Davila as Gabriela
  • Debi Derryberry as Priest / Puritan / Germanic Peanuts *Character
  • Eduardo Franco as Gavis
  • Zolee Griggs as Fallon
  • Hayden Michael Cruz Haas as Young Adam
  • Aaron LaPlante as KKK Santa
  • Adam Lustick as Bernie Santa
  • Dave Oberg as Cheapskate Station Owner
  • Cristina Pucelli as Roman Peanuts Character / Pig
  • Betsy Randle as Donna Rehm
  • Sam Reich as Jimmy Stewart
  • Nicole Roberts as Kendra
  • Adam Savage as Himself
  • Denny Siegel as Weird Hippie Aunt
  • Ptolemy Slocum as Phil
  • Toni Smith as Nancy Knight
  • Lilly Mae Stewart as Young Rhea
  • Mark Tate as St. Nick / Coke Santa
  • Amanda Rae Troisi as Christmas Caroler

Ever Wonder Why Segments

  • Ever Wonder Why ¨Its a Wonderful Life¨ Plays on TV Every Christmastime?
  • Ever Wonder Why No Two Snowflakes Are Alike?