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Adam Ruins Conspiracy Theories is the twelfth episode of Season 2 of Adam Ruins Everything. The episode aired on October 10, 2017.


In this episode, the truth is out there – really out there. Adam explains how to spot a conspiracy theory and takes a close look at myths about the moon landing and the Satanic sex abuse scare of the ‘80s.


At breakfast, Adam finds Melinda's collection of Fake Moon Landing literature. Adam is able to prove that the technology of the 1960s wasn't advanced enough to create the imagery documenting the landing. The Astronauts also placed Retroreflectors on the moon that are still accessible today. The evidence against the Moon Landing Conspiracy Theory is overwhelming.

Melinda insists that she still doesn't buy it and that what's the big deal, conspiracy theories never hurt anyone anyway. Adam tells Melinda about a theory back in the 1980s that daycare centers and schools that were Satanic induction centers. Daycare workers became the center of police investigations based on the statements from small children. Some spent decades in prison.

Melina agrees that ideas are dangerous and can ruin lives, but still isn't convinced that the Moon Landing was real. So Adam tries a different tactic in explaining how the human brain is wired to be susceptible to conspiracy theories. For example, the human brain can't handle random accidents and occurrences; it needs to figure out why something happened and find patterns to explain situations. Fear makes this tendency worse, and all human brains are susceptible.

Adam explains that the real conspiracies are things that have been in the news and reported on by reporters and historians, like many of the manipulative marketing campaigns mentioned on Adam Ruins Everything. Melinda understands the implications but is still not accepting the Moon Landing, Adam freaks out and faints. So Adam tries to let it go.


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