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Adam Ruins Cops is a episode episode of Season 3 of Adam Ruins Everything.


Adam polices the truth behind the overuse of SWAT teams, illustrates how using school officers can create a pipeline for prisons and examines the origins and intended purpose of police officers.


The episode begins with a teenage boy named Dominic And his uncle in a police van. Dom is excited about becoming a cop. But his uncle says stay put. Dom tags along with a swat team as they enter an apartment where they find Adam tied up. He then proceeds to say that policing is making cops and communities unsafe.

the police untie Adam after not finding anything. Adam then starts discussing about how swat teams often more aggressive than the situation. He explains how swat was founded to aid prison escapes and hostages situations. He later explains that swat teams mostly execute warrants. He says some don’t find drugs or weapons. He then says swat teams are often called as pranks. Adam then mentions that swatting can hurt or even kill people. He then says that many swat teams end up going to the wrong address. Dom asks why swat teams are often used. Adam says it’s to militarize them. He explains how the police get military gear. He then says that it’s killing people and making stuff dangerous. dom decides swat isn’t for him and decides to be a school resource officer. Adam tells him it’s a bad idea.

adam and dom find themselves at the station When he decides to be a school cop like a duck named officer mcquack. Adam then tells him cops in schools could hurt the children they try to protect. Adam then teleports the two into the world of mcquack. Dom gets excited about it until Adam says that cops in schools can start treating kids like criminals. He then says that gett tougher on crime also got tougher on kids. He says it started w the broken windows theory in the nintys. he says even though it’s discredited it’s still being used by schools since then. Adam says that 69 percent of school cops are used in routine discipline cases. he also says that 40 percent of schools have at least one full time cop and they have arrest rates five times higher. adam says that many states don’t have special skills to work in school and rely on regular police training. he then says at least 100 schools are militarized like swat and five have grenade launchers. He and dom duck into a classroom where they meet a woman. Adam introduces her as Zakiya Sankara-Jabar. Zakiya explains about going overboard how the school to prison pipeline works. She then explains how african Americans and latins are at most risk. Suddenly mcquack barges in but Zakiya tames him. Dom decides not to be a school officer and decides to be a beat cop. Adam says that being a cop isn’t about protecting.

dom is ready to be a beat cop and save people. Adam comes over and says that’s not really what policing is all about. adam says that cops are doing the right thing, but it has little to do with stopping criminals. They actually end up doing something different and that they only make one felony arre a year. they mostly give tickets. Adam says that cops dont have a legal right to help. He explains that policing are used against outcasts. Then a voice is heard on the speaker. The speaker is retired cop Larry Smith. he explains that many people he arrested actually needed help. He says that they get treated as potential threats. He says that he got ptsd. He regrets working on it. Dom believes he shouldn’t be a cop at all.

Dom thinks being a cop is pointless. Later Adam along with Larry and Zakiya talk about being overpoliced. They talk about crime being low and and how there is more ways to be a hero. Dom decides to ponder and heads home for dinner. Later the fbi arrives to arrest Adam.






  • Matt Shively as Dominic
  • Micheal Vinton as Mojo
  • Amiyah Hersey as Kid
  • Andre Boyer as Mack
  • Tom Kenny as School Principal / Officer McQuack
  • Sheila M. Robinson as FBI Agent
  • Denise G. Sanchez as Muslim Mother
  • Eduardo Lezcano as Writer