Adam Ruins Flying is the twenty sixtieth episode of Season 2 of Adam Ruins Everything.


Adam causes turbulence when he reveals that reward miles drive up costs, and revisits the “golden age” of air travel to uncover smoky, sexist death traps in the sky. Plus, airline mergers are crippling smaller cities.





  • James III as Old Timey Pilot / Passenger VO / Air Traffic Controller VO


In this episode, Adam's victims are:

  • Amir Blumenfeld as Tevin
  • Noëlle Lara as Flight Attendant
  • Michael Nanfria as Air Marshal
  • Flula Borg as The Rewards Dude
  • Michael Daniel Cassady as Airline Rep / Captain VO / Pilot VO / FDR VO / Ralph Nader VO
  • Whitney Cumming as Samantha
  • María DiDomenico as Snack Maria
  • Charles Emmett as Federal Judge
  • Jinhee Joung as Bartender
  • Gita Reddy as Cherly Ame
  • Kristen Rozanski as DNA Virgin Rep
  • Ellington Wells as Cindy


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