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Adam Ruins Football is the fourteenth episode of the Season 1 of Adam Ruins Everything.


In this episode, Adam hits the gridiron – hard – to tackle why playoffs almost never determine which team is best, how myths about hydration are putting kids at risk and why the game must change due to football-related brain injuries. Instead of a playbook, here are his sources.





Guest Cast

  • Mo Gaffney as Patty
  • Robert R. Shafer as Ray
  • Adam Lustick as Ref
  • Kojo Asiedu as Boxer
  • Noah Kaye Bentley as IV Kid
  • Gonzalo Cordova as Jockey
  • Erik Griffin as Ozzy
  • Logan Langevin as Thirsty Kid
  • Billy Merritt as Teddy Roosevelt
  • Kassia Miller as Regular Scientist
  • Kristen Rozanski as Exec
  • Josh Schreiber as Bruce Springsteen
  • Ryan Stanger as Chuck
  • Larry Varanelli as Billy Joel
  • Rob Yang as Dr. Yang aka Gatorade Scientist