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Adam Ruins Games is the third episode of the Season 3 of Adam Ruins Everything.


Adam faces a demonic storekeeper while also explaining why video games aren't causing more violence, the anti-capitalist origin of the board game Monopoly, how Olympic athletes are being exploited, and how the Olympics bring mass poverty.




Special Guest Cast

Guest Cast

  • Kimberly Brooks as Gail
  • Katherine Alyse as Eileen
  • Valente Rodriguez as Tim
  • Britney Young as Olympic Games Watcher
  • Hayden Crawford as Henry
  • Maddy Curley as Bethany
  • Ru Kumagai as Japanese Gamer
  • Adam Lustick as Amazon / Tractor VO
  • Karine Mauffrey as Businesswoman
  • Stephen McCain as Mayor
  • Piotr Michael as Video Game Voice / Charles Darrow / Announcer
  • Wolf Muser as Hulko Sponsor / VO Parker Brother 1
  • David St. Pierre as IOC Rep