Adam Ruins Giving is the first episode of Season One of Adam Ruins Everything and the first episode overall. It originally aired on September 29, 2015.


The episode starts with Emily reminding people at the school that the annual Give-A-Thon is later that day. She stops and gasps, and when the camera pans, it shows that people are around a bench with cake and balloons, wishing her a happy birthday. She is delighted, and her boyfriend, Tony , steps in and proposes to her. Right when she was about to answer, Adam asks Emily if she ever wondered why people buy engagement rings. After asking who Adam is, he steps in and introduces himself, then the theme song plays.

Adam explains the premise of his show, then to Emily's dismay, he starts explaining the horrible history behind diamond engagement rings, and how the DeBeer's Corporation has a global monopoly on diamonds, and they brainwashed people in the 30's to buy expensive rings to show their love. After bringing in an expert and proving his point, Adam leaves. However, when his back was turned, he heard about Tom's shoes, bringing us to the second part of the show.

Adam follows Emily to the class where she teaches, and after a quick explanation on blind obedience and the "apple a day keeps the doctor away" motto, Adam goes on to explain the history behind Tom's shoes and the company's terrible, selfish way of giving poor quality shoes to kids that don't need them, and how that hurts the economy rather than helps.

After the bell rings and Emily goes to the Give-A-Thon, Adam tells her that he knows about the terrible way of fighting hunger that is the canned food drive. After a quick story on blood drives, Adam finds Emily and starts his story on Canned food drives. After the lecture is over, they arrive at the Give-A-Thon, and Adam goes to every stand, and says the awful truth on how they don't help at all. After a group of enraged people crowd around Adam, he tells them that the best way to help needy people is by donating money. he calls in an expert to prove his point, but it doesn't satisfy the enraged group, and they kick out Adam.

Emily meets him outside, and tells him that she enjoyed her educational journey, and Adam is flattered. He leaves on his bicycle and reveals that he is going to later explain the truth about how your purebred dog is a monster, how nothing we can do will stop global warming, and why vitamins don't help you at all. The episode concludes when Emily mummers "who hurt that guy?"





In this episode, Adam's victims are:

  • Tony
  • Class of students
  • Numerous parents & staff from school