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Adam Ruins Going Green is the twenty-sixth and final episode of Season 1 of Adam Ruins Everything.


In this episode, Adam talks about how big companies shifted the blame of littering onto people, how electric cars can actually hurt the environment, and what to do now that climate change is happening.





  • Eugene Kim as Wayne
  • Gigi Bermingham as Phillip Morris Exec
  • Zach Broussard as Cajun Man
  • Jessica Lee Colgan as Woman
  • Debi Derryberry as Barbie 2
  • Tate Ellington as Vermont Lawmaker
  • Charles Emmett as Coke Exec
  • Don Fanelli as Iron Eyes Cody
  • C.J. Hoff as Trunt
  • Adam Lustick as Glass Exec
  • Avery Monsen as Old Timey Pilot
  • Wolf Muser as Dixie Cup Exec

Ever Wonder Why Segments

  • Ever Wonder Why People Want Us to Go Paperless?
  • Ever Wonder Why Bananas Taste So Boring?