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Adam Ruins Having a Baby is the first episode of Season Two of Adam Ruins Everything. The episode aired on July 11, 2017.


In this episode, Adam enlists the help of top experts to shatter misconceptions about getting pregnant after age 35, uncover the truth about breastfeeding vs formula-feeding and explore what you didn't know about postpartum depression.

Adam interviews Courtney Jung, author of "Lactivism" and Jean Twenge, a researcher.


The episode opens with a couple finding out that they are going to have a baby. They figure that Emily's biological clock is ticking so it must be time to have a baby. Adam pops out of their toilet to let them know that everything they think they know about having a baby is wrong!

Adam explains that women have way more time than they think and that there is no strict biological clock. The media tells women that having kids before 35 is important because fertility chances decrease by 50% after that age.

Jean Twenge explains that this data is outdated and came from a study in France in the 1600s. In modern data, fertility chances only decrease by 2% when you are in your 30s. Fertility only starts to become harder in your 40s. The media has played up the biological clock issue to sell more magazines. Egg freezing became more of a thing, but Adam explains that this is just an overpriced, useless practice. Women can get pregnant in life later than they think!

Adam also explains that formula isn't "baby poison", it's actually a godsend for women who can't breastfeed. Formula is made up of chemicals, but so is breast milk. In general, formula is a very safe alternative to breast milk. There is almost no difference between breast feeding and formula feeding.

Adam also goes into detail about postpartum depression. He explains that there is nothing wrong with postpartum depression. It is way more common than you would think. Men can even get it too!