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Adam Ruins His Vacation is the ninth episode of Season 2 of Adam Ruins Everything. The episode aired on September 19, 2017.


Americans are really bad at relaxing, as Adam demonstrates when he hits the road to reveal the surprising history behind Mount Rushmore, explain how Las Vegas slot machines are deliberately engineered addictions and uncover the strange story of Hawaiian statehood.


The episode opens with Adam and his internet girlfriend, Melinda (who are now living together in South Dakota) entertaining her boss RuPaul for brunch. They decide to take a "romantic" vacation to Mount Rushmore, that Adam ruins by explaining the weird and corrupt history of the monument, including that it was built on stolen Native American land.

The couple decides to hit up Las Vegas including an "Adam Ruins Everything" themed slot machine. Melinda gets sucked into the game and learns that modern slot machines are easily manipulated computerizes, designed to keep gamblers spending money, creating gambling addictions.

In another effort to enjoy their vacation, Melinda and Adam head to Hawaii where they learn that nothing about Hawaiian traditional culture has been fabricated in the last century. Adam also explains that Hawaii was a full-fledged sovereign nation with a Queen whose power was stolen in a coup by The Hawaiian League. The new Hawaiian government decided, against the will of the Hawaiian people, it would be better for trade and were illegally annexed the United States. The history has been hidden for so long, there is a movement to make this history more known.

Melinda becomes angry at Adam for ruining her vacation, encouraging Adam to really learn how to relax and take time off.







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