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Adam Ruins Immigration is the eighteenth episode of the Season 1 of Adam Ruins Everything.


In this episode, Adam reveals that in the US we have thirty times more Radio Shacks as we do Immigration Courts.




Guest Cast

  • Mimi Davila as Gabriela
  • Esai Morales as Alfonso
  • Vivis Colombetti as Abuela
  • Katherine Alyse as Court Clerk
  • Dan Black as Border Security
  • Zach Broussard as Cajun Man
  • Juanita Devis as Woman on Screen
  • Stephen Jared as Cable News Pundit
  • Ryan Gowland as Herbert Hoover
  • Amy Heidt as Judge
  • Brian Konowal Brian Konowal
  • Omar Leyva as Fernando
  • Doug Massey as Doug
  • Avery Monsen as James K. Polk
  • Josh Androsky as Farmer