Adam Ruins Justice is the twenty-fourth episode of Season 1 of Adam Ruins Everything.


In this episode, Adam talks about why the McDonald's hot coffee lawsuit is not what we think, why trial by jury is rigged with bias, and how public defenders are in a lucrative line of work.





Guest Cast

  • Sasha A. Ali as Secret Service Woman
  • Greg Baldwin as Animation VO (voice)
  • Nathan Barnatt as South Dakota Defendant
  • Wade Barrett as Counterfeiter / Ann
  • Joe Bays as Charles
  • Kimia Behpoornia as Amy
  • Erik Bergstrom as Murderer
  • Kurt Braunohle as Judge Kurt
  • Zach Broussard as Cajun Man
  • Ursula Burton as Jury Foreman
  • Myles Cranford as Gary
  • Michel Curiel as Hot Guy
  • Americo Galli as Juror
  • Emily Heller as Horny Juror
  • Larry Herron as Officer Jon
  • Nick Jaine as Attorney Thompson
  • Adam Lustick as Supreme Court
  • Allan McLeod as Louis
  • Matt Newell as Hamburglar
  • Jason Nott as Defendant
  • Zac Oyama as Fast Food Juror
  • Jae Suh Park as Maya Cho
  • Matt Pierce as Gawky Teen
  • Nicole Roberts as Kendra
  • Eliza Skinner as Consultant
  • Dan St. Germain as Roast Juror
  • Tracy Weisert as Jury Foreman

Ever Wonder Why Segment

  • Ever Wonder Why Some People Have Photographic Memories?
  • Ever Wonder Exactly Why We have the Secret Service?


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