Adam Ruins Restaurantsis the fifth episode of Season 1 in Adam Ruins Everything.


In this episode, Adam dives deep into the hidden truths of dining out. He explains why tipping is a custom we'd be better off without, shows that even experts can't tell the difference between fancy wines, and reveals that fraudulently labeled seafood is rampant in the restaurant industry.






  • Scott Blair as Waiter
  • Peter Gilroy as Steve Buscemi Type
  • Marshall Givens as African American Waiter
  • Timothy E. Goodwin as Fat Cat
  • John Michael Higgins as Sommelier
  • Adam Lustick as 1920s Waiter/fisherman
  • Jessica McKenna as Jess
  • Will McLaughlin as Embarrassed Tipper
  • Hayley Marie Norman as Hayley
  • Veronica Osorio as Veronica
  • Zac Oram as Stock Boy
  • Ben Popik as Salad Man
  • Hal Rudnick as 1920s Manager
  • Melinda Taub as Salad Woman
  • Paul Welsh as Bartender


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