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Adam Ruins The Economy is the eleventh episode of Season 2 of Adam Ruins Everything. The episode aired on October 1, 2017.


In this episode, Adam investigates why American’s can’t do their taxes for free in just five minutes each year, questions whether the Dow Jones Industrial Average is still useful and explains the importance of manufacturing on economic growth.


Adam explains to Hank, an unemployed man, trying to do his taxes why it's so silly that he has to do his taxes at all. The government knows how much you owe, so why don't they just tell you? It would be so much easier. It's a concept called Return Free Filing but lobbyist have squashed the idea.

In his favorite TV financial show "Demented Dollars", Adam explains why the economy isn't dependent on the DOW. He also explains why the unemployment rate is such a flawed number and why GDP (Gross Dependent Product) isn't a good way to measure the economy. Unfortunately, Adam ruins "Demented Dollars" and angers the host.

Hank explains to Adam that he's going to get his life back on track working at the Toaster Factory just as his father had. Adam shows Hank how the golden age of manufacturing was only a result of a monopoly the United States had over the world economy after World War II. When countries like China got into the manufacturing game, everything changed. The United States is just lacking in infrastructure that China has. But it's also a misconception that the American manufacturing industry is in trouble, it's actually just changing. Politicians need to be changing their message about the job industry to keep up with the changing economy.

Hank gets depressed, but Adam convinces him to try something new and adapt. While there are some efforts the government makes to help workers adapt to the changes, they need to be more widespread.


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