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Adam Ruins The Future is the sixteenth and final episode of Season 2 of Adam Ruins Everything. The episode aired on November 5, 2017.


In this episode, Adam explains how unregulated food expiration dates leads to waste, why your 401(k) won’t be enough to support your retirement and how the future is unpredictable.


Adam and Melinda are with boss Gil at a work party. Melinda starts talking about the future of their relationship, and Adam panics and starts talking about how expiration dates on food are mostly useless. Adam even drinks spoiled milk to prove the point. The FDA actually doesn't require food labeling, it's left up to the states and they all do it differently. The expiration dates are decided on by the manufactures and are completely arbitrary. Dr. Dana Gunders explains why this leads to so much wasted food.

Melinda tries to bring the conversation back to their relationship but Adam panics and brings up 401(k) plans and why they're not as reliable as we all think they are. Most people can't put aside enough money on a monthly basis to guarantee them enough money to retire on. Theresa Ghilarducci explains how the 401(k) was really only meant to supplement retirement savings and that we should be putting pressure on the government to set up a well regulated public-private investing system.

Adam finally opens up about his relationship with Melinda, he's not sure how he feels. Adam wants to do more research, but Melinda says that you can research your way out of predicting the future. Technology companies have been notoriously terrible at this. Individuals are also bad at predicting how they will feel in the future. There are numerous versions of the future and people change all the time. It should be okay not to know what the future will hold. But finding someone who has gone through a similar experience could be a help, this is called Surrogation. So, Adam calls Emily who he hasn't seen in a really long time. Emily gives Adam a life lesson in being okay with yourself as you are. Adam and Melinda decide to break up.


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