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Adam Ruins What We Learned In School is the sixth episode of Season 2 of Adam Ruins Everything. The episode aired on August 15, 2017.


In his first animated episode, Adam teaches us that Christopher Columbus didn’t discover America, King Tut was a dud, and the rules of grammar are not as ironclad as you’d think.


This episode mimics The Magic School Bus series. Instead, a group of students go on an educational adventure in a magic van. The lesson plan for the day is focused on Christopher Columbus, Ancient Egypt, and grammar. An animated Adam shows up in the classroom and explains to the teacher that everything kids learn in school about these topics are exaggerated and largely false.

Adam gives us the true tale behind Christopher Columbus’ expedition to the “New World” and how he wasn’t the most heartwarming guest. Columbus was a "buffoon" and never even set foot in America. Also, it was already common knowledge that the world was round - Columbus didn't discover that himself.

Adam dives into Ancient Egypt- where he reveals that European archeologists and explorers would raid pyramids and tombs to steal Egyptian treasures. King Tut's tomb was largely ignored because it was so unimportant, but years later someone found his tomb and excavated it. It was so perfectly preserved that Europeans were impressed and Egyptian fashion became the biggest trend.

Set in the style of Schoolhouse Rock, Adam tells us that grammar rules are bogus. He talks about the history of grammar rules and how they have evolved over the years.







  • This Episode is based on the Series “The Magic School Bus“
  • Adam appearing as a dog may just be a reference to Mr Peabody and Sherman, where Adam looks very identical to Mr Peabody, the world's smartest dog.