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Adam Ruins Giving
Adam Ruins Giving.png
Adam attacks the idea of giving, and especially diamond engagement rings, canned food drives, Tom's Shoes, blood drives and all sorts of other things. September 29, 2015
Adam Ruins Security
Adam Ruins Security.png
Adam explains issues with the TSA, tamper-resistant medicine bottles, credit card signatures, and fraud prevention. The episode is set around the theme of security theater. October 6, 2015
Adam Ruins Cars
Adam Ruins Cars.png
Adam talks about the problem with car rentals, the problem with traffic, how cars are very unsafe, and other car-related ideas. October 13, 2015
Adam Ruins Forensic Science
Adam Ruins Forensic Science.png
While making fun of dramatic crime shows, Adam explains how Forensic science is very flawed, how the polygraph is a "frankenstein of science", why childhood memories are fake, and other crime-related ideas. October 20, 2015
Adam Ruins Restaurants
Adam Ruins Restaurants.png
Adam explains why tipping is a custom we should do without, why wine is the same regardless of labels, why fish isn't good at restaurants, and many other food-related ideas. October 27, 2015
Adam Ruins Hygiene
Adam Ruins Hygeine.png
Adam reveals the terrifying history behind Lysterine, the problem with "flushable" wipes, the secrets of the soap industry, and why running water is one of the greatest marvels of the modern age. November 3, 2015

Adam Ruins Voting

Adam Ruins Voting.png
Adam talks about the electoral college, racism in america, and why the founding fathers didn't want us to vote. November 10, 2015
Adam Ruins Work
Adam Ruins Work.png
Adam explains why most internships are illegal, why the 40-hour work week is bad for your business, why telling your co-workers your salary is a good thing, and other ideas surrounding work. November 17, 2015
Adam Ruins Summer Fun
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Adam explains why summer vacation is bad for kids, why Mickey Mouse ruined our copyright system, and why video games are perceived as being for boys. December 1, 2015

Adam Ruins Sex

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Adam explains the history on circumcision, the truth about hymens, why herpes is really not that bad, and why the inventor of corn flakes wants to ruin your sex life. December 8, 2015
Adam Ruins Nutrition
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Adam Ruins Death
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