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Reanimated History are special animated episodes of Adam Ruins Everything. It premiered on March 20, 2018.[1]

About the Show

Host Adam Conover explains the little-known history behind some of the most important parts of your life. It is based on of the YouTube series on College Humor of the same name.

Main Cast

Recurring Cast 


  • This is the first thing of the 'Adam Ruins Everything' franchise to be rated TV-MA.


No. Title Airdate Viewers
1 "Give Me Liberty or Give Me Truth" 03/20/2018 0.31
2 "The First Factsgiving" 03/27/2018 0.31[2]
3 "Mutually Assured Ruination" 04/03/2018 0.24[3]
4 "An Ancient History of Violence" 04/10/2018 TBD
5 "The Copernican Ruin-aissance" 04/17/2018 TBD
6 100 Years Ago Today 2018 0.299